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~ Home ~



~ Buttons ~
  Celtic Swirl L Button
  Celtic Swirl M Button
  Celtic Swirl S Button
  Celtic Square M Button
  Celtic Knot Button
  Celtic Cross Button
  Dome Thistle L Button
  Flat Thistle M Button
  Flat Thistle S Button
  Diamond Thistle L Button
  Diamond Thistle S Button
  Rounded Diamond Thistle L Button
  Rounded Diamond Thistle S Button
  Square Lion L Button
  Square Lion M Button
  Square Lion S Button
  Dome Dragon Button
  Flat Dragon Button
  Three Feathers Button
  Sheep Button
  Ram Button
  Rampant Lion Button
  Web Button
  Flat Plain L Button
  Flat Plain S Button
  Dome Plain L Button
  Dome Plain S Button
  Bevel Plain Button
  F&I L Button
  F&I S Button
  Bullet L Button
  Bullet S Button
  Plain 2 Hole L Button
  Plain 4 Hole L Button
  Plain 4 Hole S Button
  Collar S Button
  Royal Marine Button
  Nelson L Button
  Nelson S Button
  British Naval Officer 1812 Button
  Viking Ship Button
  French Ship Button
  Hummingbird Button
  Cut Heart L Button
  Cut Heart S Button
  Norwegian Swirl L Button
  Norwegian Swirl M Button
  Norwegian Swirl S Button
  Shawnee Flower Button
  Horse 2 Hole Button
  Eidelweiss Button
  Leaf Swirl Button
  French Rose Button
  Domed Bouquet M Button
  Rose L Button
  Rose S Button
  8 Petal Flower Button
  House Button
  Castle Button
  Lady (w/ Jug on Head) Button
  Sunburst Button
  Leaf/Shamrock Button
  Pyramid Button
  Star Button
  Moon Button
  Dog Head Button
  2 Dog Head Button
  USA L Button
  USA M Button
  USA S Button
  Crown & Thistle L Button
  Crown & Thistle S Button
  Crown & Thistle "42" L Button
  Crown & Thistle "42" S Button
  Roger's Rangers L Button
  Roger's Rangers S Button
  Butler's Rangers L Button
  Butler's Rangers S Button
  Royal Provincial L Button
  Royal Provincial S Button
  New Jersey Button
  Wayne's Legion Button
  Continental Artillery L Button
  Continental Artillery S Button
  Royal Artillery L Button
  Royal Artillery S Button
  Dome Newfoundland L Button
  Flat Newfoundland L Button
  Flat Newfoundland S Button
  Flat 5th Regiment L Button
  Flat 5th Regiment S Button
  King's 8th L Button
  Dome 41st L Button
  Flat 41st L Button
  Flat 41st S Button
  Gaiter 41st Button
  Flat 49th L Button
  Flat 49th S Button
  Numeral 60th L Button
  Dome 91st L Button
  Dome 91st S Button
  Civil War Eagle L Button
  Civil War Eagle S Button
  Eagle Shield "I" L Button
  Eagle Shield "I" S Button
  Eagle Shield L Button
  Eagle Shield S Button
  NY Dots L Button
  NY Floral L Button
  NY Floral S Button
  NY Oval S Button
  Patterened 2 Hole L Button
  Patterened 2 Holes M Button
  Patterened 2 Hole S Button
  Fleur L Button
  Fleur S Button
  Lizard Oval Button
  Kokopeli Oval Button
  Mouse Paw Button
  Bear Paw Button
  Wreath Button
  Elk Button
  Buffalo Button
  Stag Button
  Cut Star L Button
  Cut Star S Button
  Snowflake Button
  Fleurette L Button
  Fleurette M Button
  Fleurette S Button
  Claddagh Button
  Celtic Weave L Button
  Celtic Weave S Button
  Dome Harp Button
  Bear Button
  Eagle Head Button
  Triskelon Button
  Concho Button
  Fox Head Button
  King's Royal Regiment L Button
  King's Royal Regiment S Button











































































~ Jewelry ~
Bracelets Flat Braid Cuff Bracelet
  Coil Cuff Bracelet
  Bangle Bracelet
  Flat Cuff Bracelet
  Feather, Small Earcuff
  Medicine Wheel Earcuff
Earcuffs Lady Bug Earcuff
  Star Earcuff
  Compass Rose Earcuff
  Love Spoon Earcuff
  Kissing Otters Earcuff
  Heart Earcuff
  Rose Earcuff
  Ankh, Plain Earcuff
  Cross, Plain Earcuff
  Seahorse Earcuff
  Starfish Earcuff
  Butterfly Earcuff
  Hawk Earcuff
  Celtic Cross, Plain Small Earcuff
  Labrys Earcuff
  Medicine Wheel w/ Small Feather Earcuff
  Kokopeli, Cut Earcuff
  7 Pointed Star Earcuff
  Snake Ankh Earcuff
  Sun Earcuff
  Moon Earcuff
  Celtic Knot Earcuff
  Lockinbooth or Luckenbooth Earcuff
  Grapes Earcuff
  Eye of Isis Earcuff
  Feather, Large Earcuff
  Coyote w/ Small Feather Earcuff
  Earcuff Decorated (No Dangle)
  Earcuff Plain (No Dangle)
  Earcuff Chevron (No Dangle)
  Pentacle Earcuff
  Wheel, Large Earcuff
  Tecumseh Earcuff
  Celtic Cross Patterned, Small Earcuff
  Goddess Earcuff
  Celtic Curve Earcuff
  Rod, Large Earcuff
  Wolf Earcuff
  Celtic Bird & Spiral Earcuff
  Nose Tie
Earrings Feather, Small Earrings
  Medicine Wheel Earrings
  Lady Bug Earrings
  Star Earrings
  Compass Rose Earrings
  Love Spoon Earrings
  Kissing Otters Earrings
  Heart Earrings
  Rose Earrings
  Ankh, Plain Earrings
  Cross, Plain Earrings
  Seahorse Earrings
  Twin Snakes Earrings
  Starfish Earrings
  Butterfly Earrings
  Hawk Earrings
  Celtic Cross, Plain Small Earrings
  Labrys Earrings
  Medicine Wheel w/ Small Feather Earrings
  Kokopeli, Cut Earrings
  7 Pointed Star Earrings
  Snake Ankh Earrings
  Sun Earrings
  Moon Earrings
  Sun / Moon (One each per pair) Earrings
  Celtic Knot Earrings
  Lockinbooth or Luckenbooth Earrings
  Grapes Earrings
  Eye of Isis Earrings
  Eye of Isis / Snake Ankh (One each per pair) Earrings
  Feather, Large Earrings
  Pentacle Earrings
  Tecumseh Earrings
  Celtic Cross Patterned, Small Earrings
  Goddess Earrings
  Celtic Curve Earrings
  Grapes w/ Leaf Earrings
  Rod, Large Earrings
  Wolf Earrings
  Wizard Head Earrings
  Celtic Bird & Spiral Earrings
  Awen Earrings
  Yin / Yang Earrings
Necklace / Pendant Celtic Cross, Small Necklace / Pendant
  Celtic Cross, Medium Necklace / Pendant
  Celtic Cross, Large Necklace / Pendant
  Pectoral Celtic Cross Necklace / Pendant
  St. Non's Cross Necklace / Pendant
  Clove Cross, Large Necklace / Pendant
  Clove Cross, Small Necklace / Pendant
  Split Beard's Cross Necklace / Pendant
  St. David's Cross Necklace / Pendant
  Celtic Moon Necklace / Pendant
  Bagwa Necklace / Pendant
  Thor's Hammer Necklace / Pendant
  Sun Necklace / Pendant
  Owl Necklace / Pendant
  Swooping Eagle Necklace / Pendant
  Spread Eagle Necklace / Pendant
  Dragon Necklace / Pendant
  Fairie Necklace / Pendant
  Winged Isis Necklace / Pendant
  Goddess / Woman (Calling down the Moon) Necklace / Pendant
  Beaver Necklace / Pendant
  Kissing Otters Necklace / Pendant
  Turtle Necklace / Pendant
  Wolf Head Necklace / Pendant
  Tecumseh Necklace / Pendant
  End of the Trail Necklace / Pendant
  Arrowhead Necklace / Pendant
  Tomahawk Head Necklace / Pendant
  Naja Necklace / Pendant
  Pict Shield Necklace / Pendant
  Thistle Necklace / Pendant
  Green Man Necklace / Pendant
  Tudor Rose Necklace / Pendant
  Bear Claw Necklace / Pendant
  Shark Tooth Necklace / Pendant
  St. Barbara Necklace / Pendant
  St. Christopher Necklace / Pendant
  Curnunuos Necklace / Pendant
  Pentacle, Large Necklace / Pendant
  Pentacle, Small Necklace / Pendant
  Four Winds Cross Necklace / Pendant
  Feather, Large Necklace / Pendant
  Ankh, Cut, Large Necklace / Pendant
  7 Pointed Star, Large Necklace / Pendant
  Awen Necklace / Pendant
Pins / Clasps  
  Sun Pin Brooch
  Rose Pin Brooch
  Lion Pin Brooch
  Thistle Pin Brooch
  Grapes Wreath Pin Brooch
  Durrow Pin Brooch
  Lindisfarne Pin Brooch
  Pict Shield Pin Brooch
  Viking Ship Pin Brooch
  Maple Leaf Pin Brooch
  Oak Leaf Pin Brooch
  Holly Leaf Pin Brooch
  Ivy Leaf Pin Brooch
  Orca Whale Pin
  Kokopeli Pin
  Clasp, Large
  Clasp, Small




~ Miscellany ~
  Bear / Wolf Coin
  Wolf / Wolf Coin
  Round TUIT Coin
  Irish Gun Money Coin (Reproduction)
  Maria Thersea Thaller Coin (Reproduction)
  Spanish Doubloon Coin (Reproduction)
  Greek Drachma Coin (Reproduction)
  Bellydance Costume Coin (Bouquet)
  Bellydance Costume Coin (Script)
  (2) Lead Dice (Hammered out of a musket ball)
  Lead Pencil (Hammered out of a musket ball)
  Jacks Set (1 wood ball & 10 pewter jacks)
  Golf Tee Pipe Tamper
  Seal Pipe Tamper
  Slipper Pipe Tamper
  Clam Pipe Tamper
  Fleur Pipe Tamper
  Eve Pipe Tamper
  Pipe In Hand Pipe Tamper




~ Ornaments ~
  Apple Ornament
  Ballerina Ornament
  Bat Ornament
  Boat Ornament
  Boot Witch's / Victorian Ornament
  Buffalo Ornament
  Bumble Bee Ornament
  Butterfly Ornament
  Camel Ornament
  Caroler Ornament
  Cat Ornament
  Cauldron Ornament
  Clover 4 Leaf Ornament
  Crow Ornament
  Cullen Eagle (Irish) Ornament
  Deer Ornament
  Dolphin Ornament
  Donkey Ornament
  Dragon (Welsh) Ornament
  Dragonfly Ornament
  Elephant Ornament
  Ginger Bread Man Ornament
  Giraffe Ornament
  Goddess / Woman Ornament
  Heart Ornament
  Horn Ornament
  Horse Ornament
  Hummingbird Ornament
  Icicle Ornament
  Kneeling Angel Ornament
  Kokopeli Ornament
  Lamb Ornament
  Lion (Scottish) Ornament
  Moon Ornament
  Pig Ornament
  Pineapple Ornament
  Rabbit Hopping Ornament
  Rabbit  Sitting Ornament
  Rocking  Horse Ornament
  Santa Claus Ornament
  Sitting Bear Ornament
  Sleigh Ornament
  Snowman Ornament
  Soldier Ornament
  Squirrel Ornament
  Standing Angel Ornament
  Star Ornament
  Teddy Bear Ornament
  Thistle Ornament
  Tree Ornament
  Tulip Fleur Ornament
  Unicorn Ornament
  Weathervane Horse Ornament
  Witch's Hat Ornament
  Wolf Howling Ornament
  Wolfhound (Irish)Ornament
  Zuni Bear Ornament




~ Tableware ~
  4" Sherbet, Baby, Kid Bowl
  Plain Porringer Bowl
  6" Self-footed Bowl
  Dregs Bowl
  Footed Dregs Bowl
  Small Revere Bowl
  Footed Revere Bowl
  Fancy Porringer Bowl
  Quaiche, Fancy Handle Bowl
  Quaiche, Plain Handle Bowl
  Small Porringer Bowl
  Large Porringer Bowl
Plates 10" Flat Rim Plate
  8" Flat Rim Plate
  6" Flat Rim Plate
  7" High Rim Tray
  4 1/2" High Rim Tray
Candle Holders / Pocket Candle Holder / Candle Stick
Candle Sticks Chamber Candle Holder / Candle Stick
  Rose Candle Holder / Candle Stick
  Lotus Candle Holder / Candle Stick
  Ringed Chamber Candle Holder / Candle Stick
  Scotch / Brandy Decanter Label / Liquor Label
  Vodka / Gin Decanter Label / Liquor Label
  Bourbon / Rye Decanter Label / Liquor Label
  Blank / Blank Decanter Label / Liquor Label
  6 oz. Traditional Wine Goblet
  8 oz. Traditional Water Goblet
  3 oz. Punch Cup / Kids Cup
  2 oz. Jefferson Cup
  4 oz. Jefferson Cup
  8 oz. Jefferson Cup
  Baby Cup
  Shot Cup
  Shot Cup Brushed
  Cordial Goblet
  Tumbler / Mint Julep Cup
  Curved Beaker Cup
  Domestic Cup
  Footed Beake Cup
  Coddle Cup
  Butter / Cheese Holder Dish (C)lam Finial
  Butter / Cheese Holder Dish (F)leur Finial
  Butter / Cheese Holder Dish (V)ictorian Finial
  Butter / Cheese Holder Dish(K)nob Finial
  Wine Coaster
  Margarine Tub Holder Dish (C)lam Finial
  Margarine Tub Holder Dish (F)leur Finial
  Margarine Tub Holder Dish (V)ictorian Finial
  Margarine Tub Holder Dish (K)nob Finial
  Porringer Salt Cellar
  Plain Salt Cellar
  Revere Salt Cellar
  Salt Spoon  Clam
  Salt Spoon Rattail
  Salt Spoon Snuff
  Demitasse Spoon Clam
  Demitasse Spoon Grape
  Demitasse Spoon Plain
  Demitasse Spoon Rattail
  Child Spoon
  Long Handle Baby Spoon / Jam Jar Spoon
  Condiment Spoon  / Small Ladle
  Haupt Server Spoon
  Pilgrim Spoon /Seal Spoon
  Leaf Knife
  Knife/Fork (Knork)
  Fleur, Hors d'oeuvre Fork
  Rampant Lion, Hors d'oeuvr Fork
  Cast Round Napkin Ring / Napkin Holder
  Plain Round Napkin Ring / Napkin Holder
  Plain Oval Napkin Ring / Napkin Holder
  Round Brushed Napkin Ring / Napkin Holder
  Weeping Heart Letter Opener
  Business Card Holder
  Bookmark - Narrow
  Bookmark - Wide

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