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Established 1984
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Willa Hollingsworth (Owner)
David N. Three Feathers Jones (Retired)


David N. Three Feathers Jones graduated with a B.S.Ed. from Indiana University of PA in 1967 after Naval service in Vietnam, and taught for several years in both Florida and Pennsylvania before taking the position of Education Director at Meadowcroft Village in Avella, PA. After two years there, he accepted the position of Director of the historic David Bradford House where he developed the first person interpretation program as well as historic interpretive events.

During this time, he became involved in "war gaming" with miniatures and learned to make his own, casting in self-made molds using what he later found out was an early pewter formula. This expanded into casting buttons and jewelry for reenactment groups and led to the formation of Three Feathers Pewter® on January 13, 1984.

He apprenticed to Carl Steen, a Master Pewterer and learned the rare art of spinning pewter. When Master Steen passed over, Mr. Jones purchased his estate including tools, equipment, and patterns. This led to the development of the Three Feathers Pewter® functional line of lead-free pewterware. Further study with William Melchior, Master, of North Wales, PA and other Masters, refined and expanded his skills in this rare and disappearing art form. He continues to learn, and through continued research, develops new offerings as reproductions of traditional pieces or adaptations for modern usage.

The Three Feathers indicates Mr. Jones' Welsh heritage, his adoption by a Shawnee family.

Willa Hollingswoth, Owner of Three Feathers Pewter® and Journeyman Pewterer, joined Three Feathers Pewter® after meeting Mr. Jones and becoming enthralled with pewter and its making.  In January of 1997 Willa became Apprentice to Mr. Jones and after seven years of instruction advanced to the level of Journeyman Pewterer.  In July of 2006 Willa purchased Three Feathers Pewter® and Mr. Jones has since retired yet continues on as Master Pewterer.

Over the years Willa and Mr. Jones have received into their shop and have journeyed to study with other Masters.  In doing so Willa has sharpened her skills in every aspect of pewtering.  Willa has assisted in developing several pieces that are in current use and has also developed pieces of her own for future use on the Three Feathers Pewter® line.

Three Feathers Pewter®  has received numerous awards and honors including being named to the "Early American Homes" directory of top 200 Traditional Artisans in the US, inclusion in the State of Ohio Archives of Vanishing Traditional Arts, is honored to be the November picture for both the 1999 and 2000 "Early American Homes" calendar, and was commissioned by the White House to create an ornament for the 1999 White House Blue Room Christmas Tree.

The Three Feathers Pewter® Studio and Gallery in Millersburg, Ohio opened on October 1, 1995 and is designed to permit visitors to watch the actual process of spinning pieces, something which can only be witnessed in only several other places in the United States.






Along with our line of Three Feathers Pewter, we also carry in our gallery other items which complement our pewterware. Some these items include:
*Sealing Waxes
*Native American Style Prints
*Native American Style jewelry
*Handmade Smudging Feathers
*Variety of Nag Champa Incense (both sticks and cones)
*Smudge Bundle, Sage, Sweetgrass, Yarrow and 2-Lavenders (mix of both English and French Lavender), wrapped in Natural Biodegradable Twine, Handmade Smudge Sticks by Three Feathers Pewter.
& Much More







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